Homemade Treacle | How to Make Treacle | Dark Caramel + Video!

Treacle, also known as molasses or dark caramel is technically a byproduct of refining sugar by boiling the raw juice. This uncrystallized syrup is thick and dark and has many uses in flavouring food. From being added to cakes and bakes, it finds its uses in sauces and marinades and other sweets too. Treacle is…

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Candied Orange Peel + Video!

Candied orange peel, albeit a bit laborious, is perhaps one of the easiest things to make at home. This is especially if you like to bake a lot of fruitcakes/Christmas cakes. While buying most of the dried fruit from the store is inevitable, you can always make other things at home. Candied citrus peel and…

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How to Soak Fruits for Christmas Cake +Video!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! Not yet! Well, it is in my house at least! I know that Diwali just got over and Thanksgiving is around the corner, but the spirit of Christmas has kept me trying out new recipes since a few weeks now. Before I delay it any further, I…

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